PrakashJavdekar hits a six on a no ball from Sharad Pawar


While Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been facing the bouncers from the opposition, only a few of his cabinet colleagues have chosen to bat for the government aggressively. Except for Venkaiah Naidu, the FM Arun Jaitley a few others no other minister worth his name has blasted the opposition from the heart.

However one minister who is in full consonance with the PM and demonetisation scheme is the HRD minister Prakash Javadekar who has taken it as a challenge and is doing his best to make sure that atleast the education institutes across the country support and adopt digital payments whole heartedly. No doubt his latest initiative ‘Vitiya Saksharta Abhiyan or VISAKA’ ( is making waves in the students community across the country.

However his championing the demonetisation campaign is not limited to popularising the scheme but also to blast the opposition when ever there is an opportunity. Therefore it didn’t come as a surprise when he found his home turf in Pune to hit a six on the fading Maharastrian leader Sharad Pawar’s no ball ( Pawar who is lying low in national politics came quite late to opine about the demonetisation scheme.

The minister waited for the right time blasted Pawar by making a sarcastic statement: ” Y B Chavan’s “disciples” should at least understand his “teachings” today as things would have been different had Indira Gandhi listened to his advise on demonetisation”
(Read more at: ) . No wonder this is supremely correct and is the right shot ( a six) on what may be called a NO Ball from the old leader.

The statement was well taken by the media and also on social media. With this statement the minister has further show his talent for subtle and intelligent remarks . The HRD ministry is also doing good and has not courted any controversy unlike the previous tenure of Smriti Irani.

In our opinion much has been said about the demonetisation scheme, and now it should be left to the government to place a full report of the scheme after end of December in the new year.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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