SoS:500/1000 =0/0, It should not go beyond this..


SoS:500/1000 =0/0, It should not go beyond this..

Salute to the citizens of the countrymen for braving the long queues, heat and dust for getting new notes of their quota. Yes by and large the people of the country are tolerating silently as they are used to everything , and that is the positive part of our country- a very high tolerant quotient. ( read our previous post:

On the other side many TV channels are still projecting the negative sides projecting stray incidents here and there – may be politically motivated or through paid services – and are less focussed on the positive aspect of the ban. With this attitude the issue can boomerang and the government must wake up to the reality. Today I was travelling early morning and saw huge queues on almost ATMs. Everyone has been caught on the wrong foot, unprepared , mentally as well as bereft of physical cash in hand.

For the government, we are issuing a clear SoS warning: It will be rather late if things are not bought to order by next week. Alternate strategies may be thought to distribute cash to the needy and the poor. Many of the people are caught on the wrong foot. Getting daily essentials will become difficult if things are not in control by early next week that is our independent assessment after talking to people on the street and looking at neighbourhood.

The statement from hon’ble finance minister is not very encouraging in this regard ( and the government cannot afford to wipe out its hand by issuing statement like this. It shows and projects governments unpreparedness and shortsightedness before announcing such a grand , important and critikal scheme. We believe that the citizens of the country are just not prepared to be patient for such a long period without any untoward incident happening may be at the behest of opposition parties or for real.

This is a very important and critical decision that the government has made and therefore all efforts must be made to make it successful without making life too much difficult for the common man .

Indeed we are in a serious situation as regard to fake currency and the country required surgical strike on the economic front. But the situation is not like what happened in Japan after world war 2 and the nuclear bomb ( It is therefore advised to the government most humbly that one should not expect the ordinary citizens of the country to brave the heat and inconvenience for long without having the fall out and repercussions on the government if there is any further delay. The citizens of the country are not fully tuned to the idea of sacrifice and inconvenience. Moreover the situation is realistic as milk, bread , and vegetable are all dealt in small cash. Therefore money flow is very important for the cart to be going.

On the positive sides we saw images of people serving tea and snacks to fellow citizens standing in queues which is very heart touching. No media has highlighted this part of people.

Further many of the political parties just smelled the blood ( and may unleash a new round of attacks by next week if the sufferings of the people continue. So far the tide is with the government however that should not be taken for granted for long.

Arvind Kejriwal the political hound was found going to business centers and markets trying to gauge and exploit people inconvenience ( The party must also come clean why some of the images of Rs 2000 have come out on whats app and even a news paper (Dainik Jagran).

Is it photo edited images or real ? The credibility of the government relies on such issues which becomes fodder to our friends like Kejriwal.

In view of all this we would like to request the government to pay attention to the initiative and take necessary steps some of which are as follows:-
1. Take action by increasing money flow in the market.
2. Banks must be asked to increase man power and keep distributing the money. I am aware of the hardship that bankers are undergoing through a friend who is MD of a bank. However it is the need of the hour and all must be geared to tackle the emergency.
3. Use media print and TV to request citizens to be patient.
4. all rumours and political opposition must be answered swiftly and confidently. Leaders like Kejriwal must be caught on wrong foot and must be made to swallow their statements back.
5. Alternate places, people , shops, malls etc must be entrusted with money where some basic essentials transactions can take place. We hear that even Mother dairy is having problems handling change and cash. Safal is also not to the mark. If this is the situation in Metros what can happen in small cities and towns ?/
6. Some trusted NGO’s and government organisations. colleges etc. must be also bought in picture to distribute money.

Hope the government will take necessary follow up so that the demon of black money can be beaten and the citizens can realise the sweet fruits of the action through lower prices and clean economy with some control on terror and other anti national activities including wastage of money in elections.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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