Strange case of Dr Sudhir Gupta and The Credibility Problem of Media and Institutes ! Where does it lead us ?


Strange case of Dr Sudhir Gupta and The Credibility Problem of Media and Institutes ! Where does it lead us ?
Something bizarre has been happening in India these days and it affects all of us and our country. For the values enshrined in our constitution and democracy is at huge risks. State governments, politicians, institutes and media who do you believe for a fair and true version of an event or data or facts. NONE is the answer.
Take the case of Dr Sudhir Gupta from the renowned AIIMS who was part of the panel investigating the viscera report of Sushant Singh Rajput case. It was shocking to read last weekend when news started flowing that AIIMS has reported the case to be of suicide and not muder. Later it was found that some Dr Sudhir Gupta ( Sunanda Pushkar case fame) has leaked the report to the media through whats app and other means. (…/only-cbi-can-confirm…/
Sometime back the Mumbai Police and Shivsena led state govt made a complete mess of the Sushant Singh Rajput case when it did not follow a single rule with such a high profile case.
. ) .Then came the Hathras case where the media and opposition pushed it so hard that the truth got covered deep inside layers after layers. Here too the cremation of the victim overnight raised suspicions. But the announcement of UP Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi to request a Supreme court monitored CBI inquiry removed the blemish on his government AND CAME AS A BIG RELIEF..(…/yogi-govt-urges-sc-to…/517803/
West Bengal and Kerala have become hot spots for political murders . West Bengal leads the country for the highest number of murders in 2018 and the trend continues . We don’t wish to be partisan by claiming that all these things happen only to those opposed to the NDA government or are restricted to India only.
The 100 or so IAS, IPS and artists group acting for citizens activism , who are highly partisan, take an initiative whenever their turf or their political Patrons get hurt which does not have an iota of credibility. For example Julius Ribeiro the IPS officer whom we revered during our younger days as an able and disciplined administrator / police officer, stands up these days for any cause that hurts one particular political party but not for national cause in a non partisan manner. There are many like him and the bollywood gang / artists / intellectuals led by people with strong left inclinations have been highly exposed to take them seriously by anyone.
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This is a global issue that has attracted political observers. Entire western Europe is seeing a big fall in the trust votes for political leaders and democracy. The United States is also seeing the same trend. The younger generations are more in favour of an Army led Authoritarian system of governance and less in political systems. Americans’ trust in their political leaders and in the American people themselves to make political decisions continues to decline. The percentages trusting the American people (56%) and political leaders (42%) are down roughly 20 percentage points since 2004 and are currently at new lows in Gallup’s trends (…/americans-trust-political…
The gallup poll also shows decreasing trends in its institutes once known as pillars of democracy, the congress, the presidency, the Supreme court , the media but increasing trend for army ().…/confidence-institutions.aspx
These are established trends and not speculative figures. We are sure that in our country too this trend might be visible as Dr like Sudhir Gupta makes a complete mockery of the institute values they hold but also of the nation and its democratic system. certainly we have dreamt of much better systems.
To be sure and fair AIIMS is not the only one to be part of such poor values. There is a problem everywhere. AICTE, IITs, UGC , AIIMS, Police , PSUs , Municipal corporations, Lower courts, all academic institutes have heavy grey shades. These institutes are being run by personal fiefdoms without any accountabilities. NO one can question them because there is no one to question them. Everyone is getting partisan, no one wants to be above petty politics. Rajya Sabha members are wasting time over issues we are not sure will help the nation or not. IIT Delhi can still promote a professor indulged in fudging data. AICTE continues to hide its corrupt practices and the chairman is not even willing to listen while AIIMS director does not say a single word on Dr Sudhir Gupta’s blatant unprofessional and unethical practices. There is also a trend to protect people within the same fraternity and it happens all the time at IITs, Bureaucrats and medical professionals.
With this trend the voting percentage will decrease for sure. This will lead to the less competitive and efficient party to win the elections with shallow margins and ultimately will be harmful for the nation. There can be coalition governments and regionalism will rise with selfish and corrupt parties trying to exploit as much as they can. With hostile neighbours and a fast changing global environment one can imagine what all can happen with such situations.
IN our next post we will provide what all can be done. BUt this is a collective problem where the policy makers, citizens and matured media has to take a lead. Organizations like Sangh and others involved in nation building must also check such trends and have to be more vocal.
Last but not least PM Modi has to personally pay attention to this disturbing trends which have much higher ramifications.

Asheesh Shah
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