The world changed yesterday for all of us…We have to be prepared for any eventuality , that is the basic and least we can do..


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08  Oct  2023

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The world changed yesterday for all of us…We have to be prepared for any eventuality , that is the basic and least we can do…

Yesterday when the Hamas entered into Gaza ,

A tiny land parcel on the mid west of Israel,

did it thought of the turmoil and consequences

for the world. Perhaps not.

The world has become so short sighted that everyone

is trying to outwit each other without thinking

about the overall global consequences.

We are of the opinion that the world has changed

since “Yesterday’ i.e. 6th October 2023. Before

we take the logical analysis let us look at some

astrological data.

There are two

eclipses coming this month

which are considered

ominous. While this

may not be so

uncommon ,

more threatening

is the transit

positions of

planets at present.

Saturn and Jupiter,

two major planets

for all the mundane

things are in retrograde


Yesterday Mars

was in the company

of Ketu aspecting Mercury ,

while sun and saturn

were opposing each

other in the Navamsa.

This created the

Hamas attack.

Further Venus

is in Nakshatra

of Ketu and hence

one can see many

women were taken

hostages by hamas.

We request the Modi

government to be


cautious for few

weeks henceforth.

Venus in Ketu nakshatra

is not good for us.

A very strong alert

is needed on the borders.

Some attack or war-like

thing can happen.

Now let us see what’s

happening in geo

politics. Hamas is

supported by Iran.

Iran have and Israel

a major rivalry where

both countries have

openly stated to finish

the palestine other.

Israel is a perpetual

crisis but the recent

Israel Saudi Arab

pact was endorsed

the Hamas looking

to soften it. It was

here that Iran did

not like and to

attack the Gaza say

strip that we yesterday.

Meanwhile some

time back The Biden

government has

given 5 billion

dollars to Iran to

free its 5 citizens .

The Ukraine Russia

war is dragging

with Russia

attacking Ukraine

more forcefully.

The American political scenario is seeing daily dips with speaker Mccarthy ousted just a few days back, Trump getting into more legal troubles and Biden Indicted. China is fighting its own economic collapse and therefore is seen silent. BUt you never know of the dragons true intentions. It can be the silence before the storm also. Fortunately the US job data has come very very well and the oil prices dipped below 90. May be the world would have changed positive with the IS job data and oil below 90 but then the Hamas strike happened yesterday and now it seems we are staring a dark lane with no visible ending in place.

This can be just the start of WW3 that many astrologers are talking about somewhere in 2025 and around. While we cannot say with certainty about the WW3 we can be sure of few things. That the world is being pushed towards it for sure. The Ukraine Russia war and now the Hamas terror strike does not bode well for the welfare of the world. And hence the world has changed for sure.


We have entered a new phase in geo politics that seems to be very ominous. We are fast slipping into uncontrollable territory where it will be simply impossible to stop things because the stakes will become too high. Consider the more than 300 Israeli deaths and the humiliation and terror shown towards women and children by Hamas. Which society will tolerate such open barnarism and least of all Israel which always believe in tit for tat and eye for an eye.

The Hamas therefore we say were foolish to launch such a huge terror strike aided by Iran. Iran should have been more circumspect. Our worries are not only for the world but for our own safety and welfare. This will instill confidence in the Kashmir and Pakistan led terror outfits. The paraglider led terror has opened up one more avenue for the terror ists after Drones. These two means will now have to be controlled more forcefully. The famous Iron Dome of Israel failed to stop the 5000 or so missile barrage from Hamas. That shows the level of war fare we have entered. There are huge consequences for everyone. India has to look at new ways to counter terror. In our last post we have said that we need to raise a Guerilla UNit for the borders. The Talibans which at the moment are fighting with Pakistan on the Durand line have supported Hamas. IN fact they have said if the muslim countries give us passage we will go and finish Israel. What stops them joining hands with Pakistan and China.

We cannot stop things and attacks but we can atleast prepare and minimise losses. India  has to wake up from its slumber at the political level, Like the Israeli opposition the Indian opposition must provide full support to the Modi government. But we all know its not possible.

Only alert and aware citizens and government can therefore be the last hope for all of us. The words of Vivekanand look more relevant now. Wake, Rise and achieve your goals. We all are at war now whether you wish to accept it or not and like or not.

best wishes


Best Wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah


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