This should end Aryan invasion theory: Leftist Propaganda Exposed


This should end Aryan invasion theory: Leftist propaganda exposed.
The leftists were quite successful in pushing the Aryan invasion theory as most of the history books were written by cadres who were more ideologically biased rather than had the purity of a Historian mind to establish facts. And so it hurt the Indian rightists and also the common man who found themselves quite confused to this ridiculous claims. However with the publication of an article in the renowned scientific journal ‘Nature’ this unnecessary debate can be put to rest as the article suggests that Indus civilizations is older than 8000 BC and therefore is the most oldest of civilizations in the world leaving behind Egyptian , Mesopotamia and others.
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The story was also reported in The Times of india (
As the Times of India reported, ” This is a quantum leap, if their claims are correct. The scientists are not just shifting a few years here and there. They are saying that their evidence pushes back the mature phase of the Indus Valley Civilisation (with big remains in Harrapa and Mohen-jo-Daro in modern Pakistan and Dholavira in Gujarat along with a 100 other sites) from its current dating of 2600-1700 BC to 8000-2000 BC. This also pushes back the pre-Harappan phase from 9000-8000 BC”.
The Pakistan based Dawn newspaper also carried the story and posted, “The researchers believe that the Indus Valley Civilisation was spread over a vast expanse of India — stretching to the banks of the now ‘lost’ Saraswati river or the Ghaggar-Hakra river — but this has not been studied enough because what we know so far is based on British excavations.” ( .
That the research was carried out by a team of scientists led by IIT Kharagpur and involved other scientific organizations with state of the art methods to determine and establish the age also provides credibility to the works of Indian scientists ( the article is published in reputed journal Nature) who are many a times ridiculed when it comes to history and archaeological discoveries. (

The irony of India is that those who want to establish the glory of the country are seen with hidden agenda and are termed as rightists while those who manipulate facts are known as intellectuals who are nothing but Leftist with not hidden but clear agenda.
With this discover we expect that the country will embark upon to unveil and establish Indian history in new light through scientific process and the Indus valley civilization will be brought back to life. Theories like Aryan were invaders and not locals will be thrashed for once and all. Not only that other historical facts like the city of Dwarka and Ram setu will also be firmly established. The ministry of culture would also do well to remove the word MYTHOLOGY that often paints Ramayana and Mahabharata as nothing but stories rather than historical facts. All this require persistent efforts and dedicated researchers who can reestablish the golden era of bygone India i.e. Bharat Varsha.

Asheesh Shah
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