Vietnam’s made ‘a terrible mistake’ with military deployment on South China Sea: Chinese media – Times of India


SOS to hon’ble Prime Minister: How China is flexing its muscles and its consequences for us and the world.

As such SOS is a distress message sent under difficult situations. However they are also used before an event may actual happen as a forewarning to be prepared for least damages and remain in control.

It is surprising to see how the China media keeps on giving sermons to all neighboring countries around , be it Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea or for that matter Japan and India. (

It is equally surprising and shocking to see how Chinese media openly threatens other countries on any issues for self serving interest. (

Just a few days back the Chinese foreign minister visited India only to tell in no uncertain terms , ” India should avoid “unnecessary entanglement” in the South China Sea dispute to prevent it from becoming yet “another factor” to impact bilateral ties” , as reported by a state-run Chinese daily. .(

This is how the Chinese government work, a crude diplomacy with a gun in hand. The Chinese media is nothing but the left hand of the Chinese government which is used for saying things unofficially and all the same sending the message across without any accountability on the part of the government. It is a perfect example of a communist regime where the right and left hand work in tandem but with all together different approaches.

Now as the Chinese have made it a point to capture the south China Seas at all costs and is also prepared to wage a war to defend its illegal claims ( ( (, it is high time that the wold including India takes a serious note of the recent development and statements from Chinese media. The visit of Chinese foreign minister to India is also a strong signal of things that might be just around the corner.

Considering that the United States is embroiled in their presidential elections which reflects a weakening of government in a transition phase where critical decisions are best left unaddressed for the new government, the Euro area suffering under its own plethora of problems after ‘BREXIT’ , the Chinese may just look for an opportunity to take a bold and final step in claiming the south china seas for once and all.

This may happen all of a sudden in next one or three months time frame or may not as its difficult to say with certainty at this point, However the probability seems to be equally stronger if not overwhelming for it to happen.
The questions that we need to put to ourselves are as follows:-
1. Is the world prepared to allow China to strengthen its disputed territorial claims ?
2. Does the world fully understands the consequences of such a Chinese claim and its ownership?
3. Is the United States prepared for a ‘ FACE-OFF’ with China immediately with no prescribed dates?
4. Is this the final blow to the United States leadership position before the China takes over it in a new unfolding geo political order.
5. Most importantly what should be the position of smaller neighboring countries that will be totally engulfed by Chinese domination in the area.
6. How does Japan sees and will react to this development.?
7. What role can be expected from Russia which will also be in a greaater dilemma. Will it be happy for a china led geo political stage satisfying its ego of seeing the United State loose its grip or will it be more practical to see the threats arising from a China dominated world order?
8. How does India react to these developments ? Will it take a neutral stance or will oppose China taking sides with United States.
9. What immediate steps are needed to handle such a situtain that can become a reality on any coming day.
10. Last but not least are we prepared for any eventuality on all our borders as Pakistan supported by Islamist fundamentalist forces is interesting in Kashmir more boldly than ever.

There is still time to work out roper strategies rather than being forced into a uncomfortable position.

These are some of the questions that the defense, Foreign and PMO must take into account on priority basis and start thinking on it , if it has not already initiated.

It is certainly time the honourable Prime Minister shifts some of his attention from local politics to sovereign integrity. Perhaps it is time the PM sits with the NSA, Defense minister, Head of Army and other concerned heads for an emergency situation that can happen any time or may just fizzle out. The former Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpai used to take a reprieve and spend time at Manali in Himachal Pradesh with access to only a select few that included his national security advisors Brajesh Mishra and others. May be the PM can find similar retreat to focus on certain issues that merit more attention , defense being one.

The country has reposed immense faith in Narendra Modi that he has passed successfully. But the emerging developments may just pose a difficult challenge that he has to handle with utmost care, prudence, patience, confidence and skill.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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