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14 January 2022

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Uttar Pradesh defections provides point to reflect: BJP and RSS have to think beyond and far.. Happy Makar Sankranti

The Uttar Pradesh drama of defection continues and will continue for atleast another week. The reason is the divine powers i.e planets like Jupiter and Saturn want to provide a message to the BJP, to look inwards and be far sighted. Is there any solution to the party's Saturn representing Dalits and the lower strata of society. Jupiter rules BJP. So clearly its not about Maurya or Saini or Chauhan but the wider dalit society of UP and else where. The planetary yoga which has been there for long tells that Dalits are really frustrated with BJP. The defection is just symbolic.

BJP haS to come all out to pacify the Dalit sentiments and welfare. It seems that while UP has done pretty well on law and order, development and religious issues, somehow the lower society has not reaped the benefits. This has to be deeply explored and the reasons need to be found. For a solution, Yogi Adityanath should pacify Saturn by providing sops to Dalits. The Jupiter aspect on Saturn shows that Saturn will be pacified atleast partially.

Now let's come to long term planning. With power comes arrogance and opportunism. New faces crop up from the blue while the loyal and old timers are lost in the cavalcade. All are busy in their own welfare and no one has time to look after the real cause and volunteers. The BJP has been seeing a continuous decline in its organization set up. People incharge of various organizations are happy inaugurating conferences and zoom meetings. The actual and real objectives and benefits are never paid attention to. These are all temporary things which will be wiped out with time. The party and Sangh has to focus on the permanent and selective objectives. There is too much mayhem and who is doing what no one knows. Some people are also exploiting the situation to their own welfare.

Therefore we said that the UP defections are a good time to take a break and do introspection. It is also good for preparing for 2024 AND SHOWS HOW BJP lost in 2004 - India shining moment. The perception between top leaders and the last person needs to be on the same level with marginal gaps. That is the ideal situation. Covid has really taken a toll on the nation and so unemployment and inflation. After doing a lot on other fronts the govt has to work on these factors also.

Many people are also being left out and are not on the same page as the govt party and the Sangh. Not all are able to keep the nation over self interests. This leads to dissatisfaction and delusion.

Long term solution:

India has always been vulnerable to divisions because OF A LARGE POPULATION AND diversified caste, economy, religion and mindset. There has to be a real strong thread to bind the nation. In fact we have advocated and suggested to PM Modi some time back to initiate this program - of tying the nation in one thread to common shared objectives and goals. We have said how the swashta abhiyan has gone well across the nation. It has tied the nation in one thread through common cause. PM Modi has to initiate 5 more objectives that are beyond religious, political or ideological lines. It has to be heard in one voice across the nation from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

Then there is a need to bring a comprehensive Systematic change ( Vyavstha parivartan). Vyavstha parivartan in itself is deep in meaning and need to be properly defined. IN short we would say it is the way we think and act. Its all about mindset and priorities. Its not about projects and schemes. The BJP and the Sangh have to work on these two challenges to make sure that the nation becomes strong under PM Modi in years to come and prospers beyond by being united. Else there will be more Maurya's , Chauhans and Sainis in days to come.

With best wishes

Dr. Asheesh Shah



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