ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय। तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय। मृत्योर्मामृतं गमय।। अर्थात : हे ईश्वर (हमको) असत्य से सत्य की ओर ले चलो। Shubhkamnaye Deepawali


ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय। तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय। मृत्योर्मामृतं गमय।। अर्थात : हे ईश्वर (हमको) असत्य से सत्य की ओर ले चलो।

As the festival of Deepawali once again comes to our doors its also a reminder to all of us about the need to evolve and move away from darkness towards Light. That is the meaning of ” ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय। तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय।।

Yesterday while going through the markets in Indore, we tried to understand India and had some observation that we would like to share. In our opinion these are the major flaws in our society, country and system that need to be addressed else whatever we do we will not be able to get a good life for all the citizens. So what are those flaws or weaknesses, let us list them and use the opportunity of Deepawali to create more happiness for one and all. 

1. An inactive Administration: While some may argue that the district or city level administartion is fully loaded, we also think that there is a lack of political will and initiative led by some forethought and vision on part of local administration that includes the Collector and commissioners of any district. If One sees Indore there is a Bypass road that is just outside the city and has now become an important part of the city as many hotels, housing society and other shops have come up on the road. But one also sees a number of randomly placed garages and small time shops all along the road. Why the district administration cannot build unifrom plots and shops all along the road . 

Indore has bagged the prize of being the number one city on the swachta abhiyan. Indeed it is still leading other cities in this regard. But then there is this total lack of administraive initiatives that will keep the city affected by encroachment and irregular structures. 

2. A lawless society: our basic problem arise from a huge population. But before we blame everything on population let us also take note of once again the administration. Anyone can do anything in our cities and the district administration either closes eyes on all such things or someone takes money to keep mouth shut. There is no accountability on part of district adminstration which makes it easier for citizens to exploiut the system. Thus one sees that whether its permission for buildings or any other work in residential areas no laws are followed and no one is there to keep a check. Can someone start thinking on these issues.Laws must be uniofrm and for all. There should not be two systems in one country. All citizens , religions have to follow one law of the land in all respects. 

3. The muncipal coorporation and leaders we elect: Recently we had a tour of America and like many others were impressed bv its adminstration, especially at local levels ( That does ont mean they dont have problems). On ething that we can tell is the huge awareness and proactive citizens to be part of the local adminstration that nothing goes unnotoced. If there is an issue someone will call ythe police and the police comes up to take action or address thr problem. Then there are huge fines that also acts as deterrents for law abiding citizens. WE may argue that Indians are so poor that they cannot impose penalties. BUt that is just the most easiest excuse for any society or country. FINES and PENALTIES are the only way to deter citizens or anyone to flout rules and regulations. India needs very strict tight rules whether its anout population controlling measures or district level administration. We are living in a sham a fake democracy. Please accept it. This is not democracy its mayhem a lawless society. Democracy needs rules, laws and freedom. We have just given freedom to everyone to do whatever one can but no rules and laws. How can any democracy sustain that. It will just crumble the nation in pieces and pieces. 

4. Get educated people in the front: when we say educated we basically mean educated mentally and not academic degrees. Even a school pas sout is educated if he’she is mentally evolved. Second these class of people also have towork selflessly. One of the biggest mistake of BJP and the Sangh parivar has been to ignore this class of citizens who can really make a difference to the society and hence the nation. One of the reason India got independence was becasue there were citizens from Jamnalal Bajaj, Birlas and many other self less souls who were also part of the movement. These people wre rich and wanted India to be independent. 

5. Train the police and administrations: One thing that we expect from HM Amit Shah and Niti Aayoga is to take a lead and initative to train the huge police deprratment and muncipal councillors to start with. Later NCERT can start training school teachers. Unless these three class of people will be traine dthe ground situiation in the country can never imporve or get better. The three form the basic foundation where the society interacts and actions are to be taken. The salaries are now good and gone are the days whne one can blame poor income to be corrupt. School teachers are earning more than 50 K Rs per month which is good eough for any family . POlice income have gone up. Councillor also get good means. Therefore corruption has to go from these places for which a strong moral chracter is required . A spiritual based living is needed. This cam come only by training. 
6. Make NCC compulosry at school level. One thing that PM Modi , BJP and the Sangh has to do is to make NCC compulsory for all school children whether one studies on public/ private schools. or Madarasas. Strong Character is the basic ingredient for any country to get developed and stay ahead. That can come only through law abiding citizens. IN turn that can happen only at the lementary level of education i.e. primary schools. NCC is the only ,ean which can be used to train the young minds at school level. 

5. Last but not least Sangh has to start a school level entity . like ABVP to create awareness. Though ABVP members at times become unruly something that the Sangh has to take into account especially those ABVP members who get closer to power and ministers. Yet many ABVP memners are genuine and honest. Similalry a school level entity has to be formed along with NCC to build characters of the choldren in the society. Take any developed natuion and check the focus on elementary education there. This is the single most parameter that has been ignored by countries which are unable to move ip the ladder

We have tried to point some basic and primary flaws in our society and country. WE feel that unless these issues are addresses no matter how much we grow in terms of money and power we will remain a poor country . Like Income tax and GST rules the PM has to now focus on  these primary issues to make the country realy strong and not superficially.

WE wish all our readers a very happy, healthy and prosperous DEEPAWALI. Let us all move away from darkness towards Light.

God bless one and all. 3.

with best wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah

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To create policy awareness for a better INdia

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