Lost opportunity: How Kejriwal has become a symbol of India’s political Selfishness and shortsighted vision


Lost opportunity: How Kejriwal has become a symbol of India’s political Selfishness and shortsighted vision

I remember vividly how my son then in school asked my permission to attend Arvind Kejriwals protest against corruption at Ram Lila grounds. Not to discourage the son from a critical issue I said yes. That is how Kejriwal rose to become CM of  Delhi by first giving false expectations to young innocent minds who didn’t know anything about politics but wanted something happening good for the nation. 

And then it all happened. He ditched Anna, and all his friends and then indulged in guiltless media spending and other useless expenditures. He allowed his coterie to do the corruption part while he himself remained out of it by signing no papers. His USP comes from his convincing voice and academic face that creates hope for people. He plays with the poor as well as the middle class equally well knowing their weak points- Poverty and some selfishness. And so he provides freebies at the cost of development creating a new breed of political acumen. 

Meet Arvind Kejriwal the Delhi CM whose party has now BAGGED Punjab also in its kitty. He is now trying for Gujarat. Though the people we met in Gujarat rule out complete chances of Kejriwal still the buzzword is if he is able to get even a few 1- 5 seats that should be good enough for him to challenge Modi, as Gujarat is the jewel in the crown of PM Modi, and Amit Shah, their own turf. 

While every politician has to be and is ambitious, Kejriwals ambition does not fall in the same category for multiple reasons. First to ignore development and indulge in day-to-day politics is a very cheap kind of politics for anyone let alone an IIT graduate. The expectations from an IITian is naturally high but Kejriwal has totally broken that hope and wisdom of IITians. He has shown that it’s not the degree or your alma mater that matters in politics but clear undiluted selfishness and shortsightedness. And therefore he does not mind spending crores of Tax payer’s money on print and electronic media. It is said that he has asked prominent media channels to have one person of his party i.e. AAM AADMI PARTY to be on the payroll of the media to check what all is being printed or telecasted. 

The media has also liked the generosity of the Delhi CM as their source of income was falling due to a stern and strict policy of the Modi government against the media. PM Modi’s distaste for media for many reasons is well known. Many journalists and media houses are not happy with PM Modi and his government. There is all-around criticism and if someone is creating negativity about PM Modi and his government then it has to be the Media.
Kejriwal captured this media very cleverly. And therefore the media plays the tune of Kejriwal even better than a dog. Channels like CNBC are supposed to be business channels of the country telecasting political news of Kejriwal in between as if the skies have fallen. There are many others who survive because of Kejriwals lending hands. But the money comes t the expense of development that has missed Delhi the capital. 

In the lst few years ever since Kejriwal took oath as Delhi’s CM no big project has come out. Delhi the capital could have been the best city in the world but it is nowhere in the ranking. On the contrary, SURE the pollution index remains high earning it the dubious award year after year. 

Recently Kejriwal played the Hindu card keeping an eye on the Gujarat elections. He asked PM Modi to print Ganesha / Laxmiji’s photo on Indian Rupee. This was a very cleverly crafted idea to lure the emotions of rather a religious sect of Gujratis. Gujaratis are known for their business acumen and love to worship Laxmiji. Thus the idea appealed to many. However, the Intention of Kejriwal was just to create propaganda and disappear like always. The problem with the man is he is not seriously involved in anything. He just loves power and will do anything for it but real development. He will announce big things but will never see its implementation like PM Modi who checks every scheme or project he announces. That is the BIG difference between Kejriwal and Modi. His DNA has some Naxalite gene that likes to throw bombs and run. Kejriwal likes to announce big things and then forget it happily. 

And no surprise then that all his projects announced with great pomp and show whether it was hospitals or schools were meant only for publicity and nothing else because this man just don’t have the right intention in his DNA and that is the reason we hate him. This hatred ness grows further for his links with IIT which damages the reputation of credibility of IITs like never before. IITians are known for hard work and as an insider let us tell you that IITians are also some of the most self-centered and selfish creatures in India especially those who stay back in India. 

That Arvind Kejriwal also belongs to this breed where INtelligence and selfishness come in tonnes but only as lost opportunities for the nation and the capital. And that is why he tries to play on both sides of Hindus and Muslims trying to appease both of them with his largesse for minorities and blank promises for Hindus. He is said to be paying a good amount of money to Maulans and Maulvis but offers no concrete scheme for Hindus. and that is the reason he came out with this Laxmi ji’s photo on Indian Rupee. 

We can never forgive Kejriwal for his delinquency of public wealth and fake and fraudulent governance. Whether it’s Kejriwal or Mann, Satyendra Jain or Manish Sisodia, Amanullah Khan or Sanjay Singh, Chaddha or some other they all have one thing in common. To loot the public and taxpayers’ money with no accountability and responsibility.  

We would like all political parties and leaders to emulate the character of Sardar Patel whose birth anniversary we celebrate today. 

with best wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah

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