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After Social blitzkrieg-What next for Modi Govt.- MISSION IMPOSSIBLE in UP ?
A very good video that shows how India i.e Bharat was ruled by various kiings and dynasties for the past 2500 years can be seen in the followiing video http://www.younews.in/videos/a-year-by-year-map-history-of-india-from-the-4th-century-bc-to-date/. This is really an interesting view and shows how the country changed its contours for more than two millenniums , and how fast the transformations have taken place from expanding empires to being decimated at times.
The Modi Government just completed its two years which is nothing when one compares this to the timeline of kings and empires. And yet it has put its indelible mark on the timeline, atleast for a reasonable period of time to come.
The debate of whether the Modi Govt has ushered into a new era in the history of independent era should now be put to rest. It may not have been full ‘Acche Din’ as per people’s perception or media scrutiny nevertheless the country has seen many first to its credit. From Swachh Bharat to Digital India, Jan Dhan yojana etc are now firmly established govt policies. The Make in India is also moving in fast and slow lanes at times. The defence and foreign policies of the country are being talked at international think tank more frequently.
The Modi government has taken the social media route to publicize its policies and initiatives. Its ministers and ministeries are busy tweeting about achievements and touring the nation with public meetings can be seen. No minister can be seen without any pressure of work and time to spare for free lunches and parties. And This is happening for the first time that any govt has taken and utilised social media so effectively to connect with the AAM Aadmi. The govt. virtually talks and communicate through social media leaving even developed nations behind.
And yet the three years are more critical for the Modi government. The question is not about whether it will be able to deliver but whether it will come true on public perceptions and get another term to rule. A crucial test that will take place in the march towards this will be the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections taking place next year.
The recent elections have shown that allthough the BJP won in Assam and was able to increase its vote share in Kerela it is the regional satraps who have cornered the states. The SP will be on the backfoot with incumbency while the BSP will be ready to snatch the state. For the BJP its MISSION IMPOSSIBLE i.e. it can win the state provided it shows extra ordinary skills and strategy for the elections.
The astute BJP president Amit Shah has started wooing the Dalits of the state by having lunch with them. The party will again be counting on its talented master strategist like Ram Madhav to break the complex equations of UP. The role of Bajrang Dal, VHP and ABVP will be important to polarise and mobilise the voters.
But the question is will those steps will be sufficient. And the answer is NO.
The BJP will have to do something extra to win this critical state. it will have to project a leader who can take Mayawati as well as the Yadava sena and Azam Khans muslim base. The recent induction of Amar Singh is an indication that Mulayam is going to make big amendments to pull a rabbit from the sleeve.
But the real threat this time can be the BSP leader who is known to be be a better administrator than any of the present parties in fray in UP. The BJP rule under Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh cannot bring back the voters.
Therefore the party needs to identify the right candidate for the CM post as well as main vote catcher for the elections. And this selection will be an important factors. Will the party go for the yester years Small screen favourite and MHRD minister Smriti Irani or local hero Varun Gandhi will be important for the party workers emotional attachment.
The party will have also to show its work to the people of the state and give them a new hope for Acche Din in UP which needs them much more than any other state. There is no doubt that the people of the state are highly frustrated over development in the state and despite Akhilesh Yadav’s big announcements the electoral is largely disenchanted. The Modi govt has now more MPs from the state than any other and it should be incumbent upon these MPs to showcase the achievement of the Modi govt to the people and promise them much more if the party comes to power in state.However this is easier said than done as UP politicians are always highly divided on social and caste lines than any other state ( if only to BIhar).
It will have to reward the right persons for candidature as also amend its ways wrt political fractions inside the party just as Mulayam Singh did ignoring Aam Khan’s reservations over Amar Singh.
The party will need to be better organised and be more professional rather than catering to individuals and fractions. It will have to decide how well be to expose the PM Narendra Modi on the turf. Like Bihar this election will also be a no barred election with communal posturing and intellectuals call will be seen. Ground work. team selection, coordination, data analysis, social media, polarization through rumours and paid news , strategy and strategists, all will be required without over dependence on any one.. Last but not least it should keep its feet firmly on ground as the party is known to have many leaders who paint rosy pictures for their own sake and interests.
The BJP under Amit Shah will have to play all the cards suitably with a zero failure tolerance factor keeping personal egos , likes and dislikes at bay only than it will be able to rule the state after years of Vanvas. It is almost like Mission Impossible 5 from Tom Hanks that will be performing the daunting task.
So who will play Tom Hanks for this MI.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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