Nuke Street, Why China is Using NPT to Block India’s Entry into the NSG


Chinese Diplomacy: Obsessive and Obstinate policies don’t work in the long run..
If one compares India with China, one finds that China is ahead of India in almost all spheres. And the credit for the same may go to its communist regime which has carried out all its wishes and likes as desired. Whether it was Tibet or Tiananmen Square, South China or Gilgit, creating factories and infrastructure etc. the ambitions of the party and its leaders were followed without second thoughts.
All countries have a right to protect its borders and great empires try to expand their geographies and political clout in all directions. Soviet Union made a powerful block of eastern european countries that took head to head the US led NATO group. However as things stand out finally, it could not sustain the momentum and was again dissolved into individual countries. It also made a critical mistake of invading Afghanistan and after a nine year bloody war, where one saw Taliban fighters joining American ranks, were pushed back.
The Chinese after success stories in Tibet and a free hand in Pakistan are now trying to strengthen their presence in the eastern Asian countries. It has claimed ownership of South China seas and its islands and has positioned itself dominantly in the region creating flutters across the globe. It continues to block India at every step and attempts successfully to bring Pakistan at par with India ( . This is nothing but an obsessive and obstinate way of running diplomacy and military policies.
What China is forgetting so comfortably is that India with a 1.2 billion people is far more robust, stable and strong than a perpetually fighting Pakistan where no one knows what shall happen the next hour. The rise of India as an economic powerhouse should also be an eye opener for the chinese chess masters ( The powerful nationalist NDA government under prime minister Narendra Modi should diminish the last hope of the chinese that India will fail under the weight of its political legacy. Some little bottlenecks here and there are a matter of time where they will be removed.
On the contrary by blindly following a policy that was created in the sixties and the seventies the chinese are also away from the realities of twenty first centuries. Soviet Union does not pose any threat to the United States as it did once upon a time. The middle east wars have taken a toll on United States but that does not pose a serious threat to the existence of United States. THe North Koreans allthough make hoarse sounds every now and than but they dont pose an existential threat to the US (
Therefore the biggest threat to the Americans at this moment is China and to protect its turf the Americans can play many games in the region with a very focussed and calibrated approach. It is expected that after a while the Americans will get further un-distracted from other activities and thus can focus single mindedly towards China and the threats emanating from there of. Further by constantly keeping a sword over India it has virtually made India look for protection under Uncle Sam and the possibilities of a strategic partnership now runs very high. ( It is like deliberately pushing your neighbour in the enemies camp and looking other way.
China must not complain and its leaders must fairly understand that India has all the rights to protect its borders and sovereignty and thus is entitled to join hands with who so ever it finds can strengthen it geographically , economically, socially m diplomatically and militarily. The Narendra Modi government has been voted with overwhelming vote and trust by its citizens and thus has the mandate psychologically , emotionally and politically to form a grand alliance with the United States. And the results can be seen on the ground (
By blocking the NSG candidature of India on the pretext of equal rights to other members and playing the card of arriving at a consensus through discussions the chinese are indulging in the wrong move ( It will not only hasten the alliance between India and United States but also allow America to bolster its position in this part of the region which will be more uncomfortable to the chinese than the Indians.
The United states and India have already signed Logistic support treaty where they can use each others bases and get filled fuel tanks etc. The writing is almost on the wall which the chinese are unable to decipher and read.
While so far the chinese moves have been quite successful , like the Soviet Union it also faces its moment of policy and diplomacy test. It can abandon its obsessive and obstinate policy towards India and Pakistan and help the bigger neighbour to gain its rightful demand of joining the NSG group or create a long conflict in the region with no immediate ending. By focusing on Pakistan it is placing its bet on the wrong horse. Pakistan can never match India for multiple reasons despite a heavy arsenal of nuclear bombs and military arsenal.
If China and Pakistan thinks that India’s progress has been blocked by them it is again a wrong analysis. India was bogged down due to the inherent weight of democracy process and its than political environment which fortunately has changed with the arrival of Narendra Modi govt. India is not the country of the eighties and nineties. The wind has changed for sure in this part and which its big neighbour should understand very clearly.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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