Agniveer is a visionary initiative. Protests are biased and misplaced.. Govt has to act with conviction


Agniveer is a visionary initiative. Protests are biased and misplaced.. Govt has to act with conviction

The recent scheme launched by the Narendra Modi government is a visionary initiative that is being damaged by vested interests. The Modi government has faced enormous hurdles over all good things, whether CAA or farmers or other issues. We are of the opinion that this Agniveer is a game-changer event in the history of modern India. The only drawback we see is that it has not been made mandatory and the choice is given to anyone who wishes to join. 
Now before we take the positive side let us look at the grievances of protestors who are trying to create mayhem through agitation and train burning. The main issue is there is no retainment and second the person joining will be out of the real world and getting a job after the army service will be difficult to find. Both the demands are not objective as it’s up to the incumbent to make a choice. Indians want a free charity service on everything. But more than that we think that the opposition and protests are against PM Modi personally and of course his government out of opposition party’s desperation and frustration. 
It is also shocking that no one from the Modi government has come forward to make it understand this simple logic to the citizens or whoever they are. This rather nonchalant and indifferent view adopted by the Modi government recently is damaging not only the government but also the country. 
A section of army veterans has also spoken about the Agniveer initiative. They think that it takes at least 7-10nyears for an army jawan to be groomed. Second, they also feel that after the army stint these people will be doing all sorts of jobs and the security of the country can be compromised. These issues can be solved through discussions and rather than opposing the scheme veterans must try to get it suitably modified. 
Overall we are of the opinion that the scale at which the protests are being organized is again a standard signature work of anti-india lobbyists which may have ISI and Chinese hands in it and or with political parties. Why we say this is because the benefits of this scheme far outweigh the negatives and also send a warning to our neighbours. 
Benefits: Therefore let us check the benefits. 
1. It reduces the burden on the army which is being marred by pension and other overloaded schemes. 
2. Besides, the army also gets additional combat-ready forces in a few year’s time which will be more young and enthusiastic. 
3. Many developed countries have this option of serving the army. The govt can modify the scheme to recruit good candidates out of this 4 years service period which will add as an incentive for candidates to perform well. 
4. More importantly it will discipline a fast-growing urban/rural young population which otherwise will be lost. 
5. The country can better manage and utilize a growing young population who will come directly under the government’s radar and eyes. 
6. This also increases the chances of good and competent candidates to get identified and make a career for themselves. 
7. The stipend or salary that they are getting is good and we don’t think that these candidates would have earned that much if they remain outside. 
8. The government in a way is also preparing the nation for asymmetric warfare in the future. The example of Ukraine has shown how training is important for normal citizens when calamity strikes. It is not that only that this trained personnel will be used only during wartime. They are also helpful during natural disasters and other types of calamities. 
Overall we think that the Agniveer scheme is a much-needed visionary initiative that needs the support of one and all. Army veterans must leave their doubts and endorse the scheme wholeheartedly. They must also try to bring some necessary modifications that can safeguard the interests of the country and its citizens. 
On its part, the government must try to do things with better conviction and implement them effectively. Getting second thoughts or fearing backlash will not allow it to do anything BIG for the nation. We request PM Modi to be more bold and more confident henceforward. 

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