Concluding and important Part 3: Tamilnadu has been a neglected state, and continues to be a victim of politics and conspiracies. PM Modi’s visit to the state can be used to address the issues it’s facing for long.

Concluding and important Part 3: Tamilnadu has been a neglected state, while the state continues to be a victim of politics and conspiracies.  PM Modi’s visit to the state can be used to address the issues its facing for long.

Note: This is part THREE of  a series on Tamilnadu coinciding with PM Modi’s scheduled visit to the state on 26th May. 

We are posting the concluding part on Tamilnadu, to highlight the issues faced by the state and the timely intervention of PM Modi as he visits the state. The PM is scheduled to inaugurate projects worth 34000 Crore in the state that is all-important. It is good that the central government has come forward to improve the infrastructure in the state that has huge potential. We will now come straight to the point that we wish to make for the center and the state. 

Tamilnadu and other southern states have an ancient history that has great kingdoms of the Cholas, Pandyans, Chalukyas, and the Vijaynagar empire. However, due to the educational policy of the center, they were never taught and hence the southern states almost got cut from the national stream for decades. Presently also the vibes in southern states are quite different from those in the north and other parts of the country. Therefore the first challenge for PM Modi should be to connect the last two states in the south Tamilnadu and Kerala more strongly with the center. 

This requires multiple steps that the center has to consider. and we will take briefly some of them:-

1. Announce a Mega package for the Tamilnadu and Kerela states that should be able to connect them with the nation. This will require setting up huge projects, and industry and defense projects of the center. The southern state esp Tamilnadu offers good vantage points strategically that should be exploited din national interests. 

2. Tamailnadu government has announced a new Industrial policy. However, the policy is unlikely to bring investments in the country. The reasons are one and many. First and foremost there is lot of political and social  ACTIVISM  in the state and it is difficult to attract big-ticket investments. This activism has many faces and forces. PM Modi must discuss these issues with CM Stalin and help him to make the state investment-friendly. The state as we said in the previous post receives very less FDI compared to other progressive states. The center must also expedite to resolve all pending issues that are hampering the growth of the state. At times the center simply chooses to close eyes which is a very bad precedent. 

3. IN the past there have been incidents like the Tuticorin firing where 13 people were killed. The state govt has appointed the Aruna Jagdeeshan committee to investigate the same. The report was submitted to the CM last week. It is important that the report is tabled and made public at the earliest as it will clear the doubts surrounding the firing and more importantly the allegations against Sterlite copper that got caught in the crossfire of protest. It is said that the protestors were paid by foreign funds involving China and George Soros. Sterlite Copper is important as it manufactures copper for the country. Copper is important strategically and also because of the growing Electric vehicle and battery business. Unfortunately with the closure of Sterlite the country is forced to import Copper. China is looking to dominate such strategic elements. The center has to show political alertness in all such cases. The Sterlite copper is closed since 2018 and is a huge dampening factor on both state and center. 
A few days back Megha Patkar was seen in the state to champion the cause of China and other anti national lobbies. 

4. There is a political vacuum in the state after AIADMK lost Jayalalitha. BJP must try hard to fill this vacuum along with AIADMK. We were told by some BJP and Sangh volunteers that the central BJP and Sangh people are not keen to support the state units as much. The funds that are allocated to the state units are nominal as compared to other states. This is a serious allegation and issue. If it continues the state may permanently slip from the BJP and the Sangh influence which will be a big loss to the nation and also strategically. 

5. There is a need to recognize the southern culture and languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannad and Malayalam. There closeness to Sanskrit also needs to be investigated. The center has to initiate projects to encourage usage of this southern language along with Sanskrit and bring them closer to the national stream. A language research center or a central language university in the state can be helpful.  This is a very important issue and merits greater attention. 

6. Besides Chennai, there is a need to develop more cities in the state. Coimabaore , Madurai , Tuticorin etc all have huge potential. Of late Coimbatore is getting some traction but needs more. The center must think on those lines in the national interest. 

7. The center has to continuously maintain communication with the state government and interact. For this to happen the state must get its due share both politically and economically. There has to be a continuous visit of PM/HM/FM/RM to the state and the sight must not be lost. The PM is visiting the state after a gap which is not good. 

8. Cities like Chennai are the hub of entrepreneurship. The Tamilian young minds have huge potential. Center must consider a BIG  STARTUP HUB in the city and try to bring as many young minds to get trained and funds form this center. 


The PM visit to the state is important. However, the PM and government must step up and visit the state more often. The center has to be in touch with the CM and other important political and social personalities. The state BJP and Sangh units need to be empowered with more funds and political activism. Next Sangh and BJP meet should happen in the state may be near Madurai or in Kanyakumari. This is the area that is getting spoiled for multiple reasons. 

WE are pleased to offer our best wishes to the PM on his viist to the state and look forward for a warm welcome and start of various projects to the state. 

Note: Part 1 and 2 were published earlier and can be seen at
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