Badhai – Great Initiative by Dr. Mohan Bhagwat! Congrats Amit Shah, Besides PFI Control Villains like Owaisi before he becomes Jinnah…and the Supreme court has to look beyond the legal framework


Badhai – Great Initiative by Dr Mohan Bhagwat! Congrats Amit Shah, Besides PFI, Control Villains like Owaisi before he becomes Jinnah…and the Supreme court has to look beyond the legal framework

As the news of Sar Sanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat came out for a meeting with Five Muslim eminent persons we felt a great sense of relief. This part was missing for some time after all the noises that has made the country a bit nervous. especially after one sees statements coming from Owaisi and the likes. The Nupur Sharma episode followed by Sar Tan se Juda and the beheading of Kanhaiyyalal and others was beyond usual, to say the least. 

The meeting with Dr Bhagwat is important for certain reasons that we will outline here. First, it provides the much needed hope, a positive hope that India is still breathing rationally. The statements of the 5 muslim people and some others make it amply clear. To call the Sar sanghchalak as Rashtra Pita is perhaps the biggest compliment that someone has given in recent times and that too from a Muslim clergy to the diagonally opposite RSS supremo. 

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Second, it conveys a strong message to other fellow citizens that talks and communication between the two communities is much needed and can solve all problems. Dr Bhagwat was right when he said that Cow Slaughter is a very sensitive issue for Hindus and is strictly a NO NO in our country. We would like to add that apart from that if unnecessary azans, mosques and Mazars, population control, and street namaz is also controlled then India can become the best example of Hindu Muslim unity across the world can guide others. The Muslim intellectuals on their part asked the Sangh chief to not treat Muslims with mistrust. Overall it was a good meeting and we hope that such talks will be useful for further resolutions. of course no one expects quick fast results but we must not leave such direct one to one talk between the two communities at such a high level. More Muslims should be asked and encouraged to partake in national discussions and contribute positively. The path may be lengthy and tedious but worth trying. The Sangh head also visited a Madarsa which is a good signal. Madarsas need not be banned but can be modified to play a positive role and supervised wisely. 

We are of the opinion that a large part of Indian Muslims (and Hindus) all love peace and prosperity. The nation is too big and can have a good healthy environment. There is no place for people like Owaisi, the AIMIM leader who targeted the meeting with his usual remarks. Of late Owaisi is trying to mold himself in the footprints of jinnah. He has been using democracy for the wrong purpose, i,e, for inciting people and creating divisiveness. Its important that persons like Owaisi are handled strictly and quickly before more damages are done. 

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That reminds us of the actions taken by home minister Amit Shah against PFI. We repeat that democracy should not be allowed to be misused. And this is the biggest drawback that we have witnessed in the past 7 decades since independence. While the Hindus largely remain complacent other sections of the nation exploited democracy and freedom fullest to their advantage. Such a skewed approach is suicidal for the nation as we have been observing presently. Therefore organizations like PFI who are accused to be in touch with extreme groups besides ISI  have no place in India and should be treated very very strictly without any leniency or fear. It is also rumored that the PFI was in touch with some Delhi-based politicians which has to be taken seriously. 

The PFI is also known to fund certain advocates and media groups. They all need to be investigated. NO one should be allowed to have a free pass. Therefore HM AMIT SHAH needs applause by one and all for actions against PFI.  These events will send a very GOOD CORRECTIVE message to Muslim youths also who may be on the fence and confused. Democracy needs to be strict for one and all. 

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There are many such issues that people of the country are waiting to take place. Everyone wants the government to take strict approach. WE have seen this in various whats app groups where people belonging to congress and other parties have questioned why the government is not taking action for measures like population, Waqf and others. Thus the ball is in the court of the government now. Let us hope this PFI arrest marks just the start of this new phase where more actions will be taken. Hindus and others religions are waiting to see some strong steps in states like Bengal, Kerela, Tamilnadu and others.

The missionary menace is another area where the government has to act. It has been unable to control the missionary conspiracies, especially in Tamilnadu. Makkal Adhikaram is a divisive organization funded by missionary groups in Tamilnadu to convert and make anti India activities. The government has failed to take any action so far to control them let alone announce them illegal and ban. WE hope and expect the HM to be more proactive in days to come and wish him all our best wishes. We would also like to term the pair of Modi and Shah as the BEST pair that the country ever had as a PM and HM. Their mutual understanding and pro-national activities can be compared only to Sardar Patel who was also Independent Indias first HM. 

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Last but not least the supreme court need to look beyond the usual legal aspects for deciding crucial matters. We are referring to the Hijab issue where it has kept the judgment reserved. We don’t wish to consider the hijab as a religious matter. Its more than that. Its a conspiracy to push India towards conservative practices as endorsed by the Taliban and the likes, and should not have a place in a free democratic liberal country like India. Its against the soul of the country. We are not against Hijab or something like that. BUt one has to also see the intentions behind such moves and especially from organizations like PFI to push India into a dark alley at the behest of ISI and Talibans. This is dangerous and therefore the court should not show any leniency in this matter and not consider it as a matter of religion or choice. It should be banned for multiple reasons for which the highest court has to look beyond the lagal books and consider it from a holistic point of view. 

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Dr Asheesh Shah

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