Good show from team Modi …PM has to focus now on getting issues solved and not lingering


The new ministers after the cabinet reshuffle have taken their seats in various offices. A few have already shown their competence and potential. The front liners batting for PM Modi are Ashwani Vaishnav, Mansukh Mandaviya and Hardeep Singh Puri. The rest are perhaps still taking their time to chalk out their strategy and observing the new environment, as many of them are new and maybe looking at the central governance from close quarters.

Mansukh Mandaviya has been appreciated by none other than PM Modi for his speech in parliament [1] . It must be noted that the minister was trolled on social media Twitter a few days ago over his English. A large number of citizens are still not very comfortable with english and therefore it is ridiculous to mock someone over English. The real criterion has to be performance which is what matters.

However one minister who has excellent command on english and is a former bureaucrat Hardeep Singh Puri was also at his best [2] . PM Modi has applauded this speech also. Besides Ashwin, Vaishnav was also looking prepared.

It seems that the PM has a highly dedicated and competent team who all seem to be good in delivering the PMs ideas. It will be good to see if the new team moves ahead in line with PMs ambitions and moves files efficiently. There are still many things to complete during this tenure.

The Education minister will have to be on its toes as still many vacancies in central universities and important institutes are pending. WE wonder why positions of IIT Delhi , JNU , NCERT are still kept pending . They all need to be cleared on priority. There is also this position of VC of Delhi university which is vacant. However, the name of candidates doing the rounds for this position shows that the BJp and Sangh still have not any clue on various candidates and their backgrounds. WE have been telling time and again that the govt must place merit over and above any other criterion but it has not been listened to so far. If this candidate who has earlier earned a bad name as VC of another university is chosen for VC Delhi university it will prove that the govt/Sangh does not have a proper mechanism to select candidates and relies on contact and recommendation based candidates.

The minister for sc and tech has also come up with encouraging statements. But we doubt whether things will move fast in this all important ministry given that both PM and DR Jitendra Prasad will be highly under pressure from various quarters with no time for the ministry. Under the circumstances it will be run by someone else which will be detrimental to the health of this ministry.


PM Narendra Modi now has a very competent team with him and this opportunity should be used by the government to push projects for implementation. The initial performance by some of the ministers have been excellent but it will be in the long run that matters. We hope and expect the present momentum to continue and all ministers will be giving their best. Some of the ministries need to be placed on priority for implementation of various things , from filling positions to implementation of ideas and projects. Education, SC Tech are amongst them. Others will be also under pressure to perform especially as UP elections come near and we still dont know how Covid 3 will be going to strike.

Hardeep Singh has proved once again that the PM’s choice of selecting bureaucracy has indeed some merit. PM must pick a few more such candidates , either IAS or technocrats who can deliver things more professionally. Amitabh Kant, VK Saraswat is a few who the PM can look into.

We wish team Modi and all-new ministers once again our best wishes and expect all to show their brilliance in and out of parliament.


Dr. Asheesh Shah

Author: Samanvaya

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