The monk who sold my Ferrari: let us hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. The next few months could be challenging


I am reminded of the book, The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari which is a book about a lawyer who is into spiritual crosswinds. I am not sure why I am reminded of this book , but I have changed the title a little bit and put it as – the monk who sold my Ferrari which means we pay for things on someone else behalf. While consensus and team work should be the need of the hour many of us tend to go solo which is not in line with national interest.

Taking astrological clues we think that the country will be passing through a narrow tunnel in next few months. Not only Covid but our worries are also due to China and other issues that we will outline here. The worst part is it may start happening as soon this week.

There are many changes happening all around nationally as well as internationally. Most of the nations are engulfed in their own local issues and the world seems to be going like a rudderless flight. New events have popped up all of a sudden and we are not sure what will happen next. Most of the people , thinker and intellectually sound class are unaware of these developments because there is too much pessimism all around. One of the consequences of corona has been to pluck out the energy from many of us which has also made life rather placid despite the rush in hill stations and market places. People are trying to find the lost zeal and passion towards life. To add salt to injury there is this nervous waiting of the third wave: will it or will it not ? which is also rather disturbing as if holding everyone to take full plunge in the rigmaroles of life and daily routine.

The Pegasus controversy has opened up when the monsoon session of the parliament is in progress giving perfect handles to opposition parties to stall the bills and legislation. As HM Amit Shah says ” Aap chronology dekhiye ” means the timing of the Pegasus is important. Few days back we shared news on our Samanvaya portal and newsletter about how George Soros with his empire is targeting nations like India to spread fake news and create protests. It is interesting to see the names of the media that have come up with the Pegasus story and they are none other than Washington post, New york times etc.

While we were reading about the snoopgate event we also could not help but think about another person who has snooped on all our privacy and data . He is none other than yours truly Prashant Kishore who has reportedly collected data of all citizens across the country and then sells it to political parties of various states and politicians. May we request the PM and HM to raid the servers ( are they in India ? well we doubt PK is smarter than most of us ) and confiscate the data. And if the servers are placed in US or any European country then this should be the first job of the new IT minister Ashwin Vaishnav to prove his competence. One also wonders whether the devil is the mercenary Prashant Kishor or the politician who pays PK to get advice as to how to break the country.

Coming to PK we think that there are many smart individuals who follow and work for BJP and Sangh but are not taken due care or nurtured else people like PK would have been nowhere to be seen. The sheer apathy of these organizations to identify talent and promote them is nothing but short sightedness which works against national interest Unfortunately, they have kept self interest and power ahead of national interest.

Meanwhile the cabinet reshuffle has happened . Saddled with three portfolios most of the previous ministers were deep into pressure. In a way PM Modi has done good to relieve them. However the performance evaluation criterion as well as social media reports of ministers were just too LOFTY to assimilate.

When a minister goes, along with many other families are disturbed who all are small time karya-kartas and their families. While the ministers will find the ‘Resignations’ a bit relieving, those who have been left to find another job for themselves and their families are not that happy and lucky. This is something that the party must think before doing reshuffles. What happens to the needy and the small timers after the reshuffle . Does anyone think of them. The answer is a sorry NO.

While we are not much enthused about the recent developments happening in the country we are rather worried of what may come going ahead.

Challenges ahead:

The country is going through religious sentiments that were not seen before. The dividing line between various religious groups has become more prominent. Uttar Pradesh politics can throw some new challenges especially on religious lines. States and regional leaders have become more vocal and unconscientious about their statements.

Coming to more challenging tasks, we are worried. India China talks are not going well and we request the government and Raksha Mantri to be ready for any eventuality. We will write more on it separately. China is also trotting its moves and has threatened Japan to nuke it. It is aggressive in the south china seas and Taiwan has become a national obsession for Premier Xi. It appears that XI may take a shot at Taiwan or India in next few days / weeks /months.

The Taliban are new here and are in a commanding position in Afghanistan. This part of the world will generate new equations and fault lines that will be hard to pacify in the near future. India has typically in its own fashion committed many blunders and will find it now hard to adjust despite her overtures towards Taliban.

Terror threats are also looming large. Mars the planet of fire has moved into Leo and will directly aspect with its angular position to Ketu. Further some more planets are forming positions that are inimical to national interests. It all starts from around 26- 26 th of July this month and will continue for a few weeks.

Indian strategic Mindset:

Recently when Pakistan based Drones were hitting our targets a good friend of mine who retired from the Army said if they are sending 1 drone we must send 100 drones across. If Pakistan is playing with drones acquired from Turkey we too have state of the art drones from Israel , US and our DRDO. I asked as a natural query, what stops us ? To which he replied Mindset. We will never do it because the Indian army had never been trained to be offensive. We think we have gone too far in nourishing this ethical wisdom and must be ready to reverse the trend. Balakot and to an extent Galvan were good examples. The modi doctrine is a positive blip on the radar but then it has to be more consistent and not random. The enemy nations must know that if they fire one there will be 100 from our side.

Unfortunately our enemies who know more about our history and culture have time and again exploited these ethos against us. Today we are paying the cost of such ethos all around us , Afghanistan is just one of those.


Overall the world is just being held on tenterhooks and can explode any time. The only expectation from the government is to remain alert . Maybe this time we are better prepared to handle Covid 3, but there can be other unexpected shocks that are not seen yet. Farmers’ protest , religious sentiments and heat at borders are some issues that we are looking at besides another wave of virus. The PM and his new team can be under pressure. Quick decision making will be the need of the hour


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Dr. Asheesh Shah

Author: Samanvaya

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