Indian parliamentary speeches and debates need to be upgraded…Amit Shah and a few stole the limelight while others sulked..PM gives us vision of 2024 and beyond


Indian parliamentary speeches and debates need to be upgraded…Amit Shah and a few stole the limelight while others sulked..PM gives us vision of 2024 and beyond

A no-confidence motion is a formal proposal moved by a member against the government in Lok Sabha under Rule 198 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha. This was the the 28th such motion to be admitted in the Lower House as such and the maximum no confidence motions were brought against the Indira Gandhi led government, which totalled 15. Longest-serving prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, whose tenure lasted 16 years and 286 days, faced only one no-confidence motion, which was moved in the aftermath of India’s bitter loss to China in the 1962 war. The motion was, however, defeated.

The only time a no-confidence motion triggered the fall of a government was in 1979. A motion moved against the Morarji Desai government had led to his resignation, even as the debate remained inconclusive and there was no voting.

Thrice governments have fallen during the vote of confidence – the V P Singh government in 1990, H D Deve Gowda government in 1997 and the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government in 1999

The No confidence Motion brought by the opposition in the parliament was a NO Event sort of thing. It was expected that the opposition would bring some substance to the motion and pressurise the government to buckle down but in the end the government sailed out smoothly and also made browny points over the opposition. There is clearly a degradation of the standards that we as a nation are used to especially those who have listened to the likes of George Fernandis, Vajpai, Jaitley , Sushma Swaraj , etc. It seems that the opposition just wanted to bring a NO confidence motion without seriously believing in it or having conviction.

ON its part the government made good use of the motion and put many issues on  record. Amongst all Amit Shah, the Chanakya of Indian Politics has once again  shown why he is the most sharp and strategist parliamentarian of the whole. Amit Shah has really grown and evolved over the years with his own inimitable style that puts him into the league of best parliamentarians that we named above. He does not avoid any issues and speaks on all with his wit and command.

Among others, we thought Jyotiraditya Sindhiya was good with his attack on the opposition esp congress but somehow such things coming from an old congressi was lacking conviction. We liked Nishikant Dubey for his clear no nonsense speech with some good facts. But Smriti Irani failed to impress us. Her rhetorics and theatrics seemed too obvious rather than coming from the heart. Among the opposition Gaurav Gogoi was good. Rahul Gandhi has become predictable and it was clear he didnt spend time on preparations.

Coming to the Independence day speech of PM Modi, there were both sides of people. The opposition termed it election oriented speech while the BJP praised it as visionary. WE liked the PM’s categorical remark on three evils that have plagued the country: 1. Corruption, 2 Dynastic politics and 3 . Appeasement politics.

The PM also stressed on the Amrit Kaal period that has started. He once again said that he will come for the third time and the nation will be third biggest economy then. The PM sounded confident of himself and the party coming back to power in


It was a lengthy speech and the PM also announced to make 2 crore women become lakhpati under the ‘Lakhpati Didi ‘ scheme.

Since this was to be the last speech of the present tenure of the government some more schemes and announcements would have been positive. How the government would bolster the nation in the 3rd term could have encouraged voters to vote again for the party. The PM did not touch National education Policy (NEP) which was a major initiative of the government.

This would have deterred the Karnataka government to think twice before scrapping NEP , as announced by the CM. Politic should not be allowed to take the better of policies. The Congress is always at the forefront and eager to scrap policies and people initiated by BJP. We remember how Arjun Singh cancelled the appointments of all Directors appointment by Murli Manohar Joshi in one go irrespective of seeing the candidates, some of whom were really good. Conclusion: Two important events have passed and the country will be now gearing up for the 2024 elections at a fast pace. The parliamentarian speeches lacked lustre and seriousness. We hope the opposition will be more prepared next time as and when it happens. Somehow politics is not the same as it used to be earlier. Parties are doing more to score points and catch media eyes. Even if the opposition was convinced and had the conviction for the no confidence motion is now doubted.

The PM made his last speech of his present tenure from the red fort ramparts. We look forward to many more coming from him, ofcourse in the next term. Our best wishes to one and all.


Best Wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah



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