Karan Johar / Salman Khan: Let us not be apologetic, stop preaching soft policies- Limits of Rationality


First it was Karan Johar than Salman Khan and in between Shyam Benegal, all perpetual and constant advocates of leniency towards Pakistani actors/artists working in Bollywood forgetting that an Indian soldier has been caught by Pakistan and could be tortured before being released; Forgetting brazen massacre of 18 Indian soldiers, Pathankot and many others. (http://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/ban-on-pakistani-artistes-no-solution-to-terrorism-says-karan-johar-3049247/). Thanks to the media who as not joined this fancy of errant bollywood camp so far.

Let us be clear on this. First rationality by one party can be considered as weakness by the other party. And we have ample proof of this through or history books. Read about Pritiviraj Chauhan and others and their magnanimity towards enemy despite immense power and bravery and you will understand why Indian was subjugated for so long. Therefore rationality can be employed only when both the parties are sensible and apply logic. Now in the case of Pakistan, there are non state actors besides the ISI, and the army and their jingoist plans to destabilize India and keep it bleeding.

A very pertinent thought is quoted here in this regard . ” Much of the conflict resolution literature presents an image of disputants as rational actors who are focused on pursuing their long-term interests, unaffected by their emotions. The “realist” approach suggests that all conflict involves material interests, while the rationalist approach suggests that conflict is the outcome of conscious intentions. The idea seems to be that if parties rely solely on logic, both sides can advance their interests and come to a mutually acceptable compromise..” (http://www.beyondintractability.org/essay/limits-of-rationality). The word is logic or in other words Sensibility. Therefore rationality cannot be one sided game and can lead to disastrous consequences.

Now coming to the position of Pakistani Film actors working in bollywood, no person can isolate himself from his roots unless he has reached a certain maturity in terms of evolution of thoughts and spirituality where he or she considers every human as equal. Can Karan Johar , Salman Khan vouch for the loyalty of their Pakistani customers ( Fawad Khan etc) and Pakistan fans and citizens who like Indian films and therefore promote Indian films in Pakistan thus increasing the turnover of Karan Johar produced films and acted by Salman Khan. Moreover when in war you talk about kiling enemies and not giving shelter to them in whatever hue and colour they come.

Let us not mix cultural bon homie with national pride and integrity. These are not soft bollywood films that rely on fancy dreams and songs to make it bollywoods box office hits and churn out crores of rupees. One can fool the innocent and emotional people of the country but dont try to fool and cheat the intellectual and thinking nationalist class of the country. We take pride in Rana Pratap who choose to stay in forests and eat grass breads rather than accept the slavery of the Mughlals. We dont appreciate Raja Mansingh who despite all his logic and rationality was an will remain a ‘EMPLOYEE’ or slave of Akbar and not the ‘MAHARANA’ of Chittor.

When you have terrorists backed by Pakistan govt , its army and multiple jihadi groups waiting on every corner to swallow India you take arms in hand and talk love and fancy things. This is real politic and real issues. See what Imran Khan is saying to the people of Pak…soon Wasim Khan and Waqar will also join..Can you guarantee Fawad and other Pakistani artistswill not say against India today or tomorrow..? Imran khan was always treated well in India , Isnt it ?

The facebook page of a Pakistani girl that has just gone viral and reported by Indian Express is nothing but childish and away from reality. May be supported by ISI who knows (?) to keep Indian mindset engaged with such frail and feeble emotions aka Karan Johar. (http://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-in-india/this-moving-facebook-post-by-a-pakistani-girl-on-india-pakistan-relationship-is-a-must-read-3058475/ )

Let us talk about war and sacrifices. The soldiers on the front also loves to be with his family but is willing to sacrifice his life for our sake. Le us not betray him and his family with such weak and untenable thoughts of ours. It will be good if the Salman that we see on the silver screen display some bravery in real times too. Take an inspirational thought from what Ram Madhav has said. Take a leaf from the life of Ajit Doval.

If not still convinced than please listen to what Hafiz Sayeed is saying on the streets on POK and Pakistan to assemble the fearful terrorists who are fleeing from their camps. (http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/pakistan-surgical-strikes-border-loc-hafiz-saeed-terrorism-indian-army-3059019/)

Asheesh Shah
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