Surgical strike-Sau Sunar ki, Ek Lauhar ki:How Narendra Modi govt got it right.


It is not easy to have a surgical strike on an enemy like Pakistan who openly keeps threatening about nuclear strike. It is also known that Pakistan is trying to make Kashmir an international issue and thus tries to provoke India through Jihadi and terrorist attacks.

By visiting Pakistan, inviting all SAARC members including Nawaz Shariff and visiting personally Shariff In Lahore, risking his life Modi made the right overtures and also won the heart of international community.

Even after attacks in Pathankot and other regular firing across LOC India held the patience. However after the Uri incident it was time to give a pay back. In other words it was the classic case of ‘sau sunar ki, ek Lauhar ki’.

Had Narendra Modi not shown the patience earlier Pakistan would have been successful in its attempt to internationalize the issue.

Therefore the opportunity was quite ripe to give a befitting reply to Pakistan and take the ‘Carte Blanche’ provided to it by many previous governments.

In military to win any war element of ‘Surprise’ is necessary. By taking the surgical route the government has very effectively flagged the ‘Surprise’ element. IN our previous post we have mentioned that Pakistan has made a big mistake by backing Uri attack. India now holds the trump card and will have the privilege to use it as and when required.

Pakistan is in a terrible state of affairs. The surgical strike came just at the right time. Some how we feel the attack should have been more deeper and brutal. 38 is a good number but we should have aimed for something like 108, as such opportunities do not come often when the international community was on our side due to our past record and sympathy.

Moreover there are clear discords between the army and the government. Therefore the army would not have got full support from the govt. The other option was to topple the Shariff government. We are sure the Army General would have considered this option. But could not go ahead with it.

In other words Pakistan was caught on the wrong foot and therefore India could have exploited the situation to its fullest. Unfortunately that could not happen as our preparations were also may be not to the mark and one never knows when a situation can slip and escalate war on a higher scale.

Nonetheless full marks to Narendra Modi and team that includes the defence minister Sh Manohar Parrikar, Army chief and NSA Ajit Doval for successfully implementing a tough and effective strategy without being on the wrong side even once.

It is also necessary that we have now reached a situation where the guards cannot be lowered. The game has just started and it is time that Pakistan also keeps bleeding equally if not more until it understands the futility of its fancy and consider India as a power that it cannot match either economically or militarily.

The big brother must act in a way that gives ample lessons to the sibling.

It is really ridiculous to hear and read what Arvind Kejriwal is saying across the street corners. This person really needs a psychology treatment for being an abnormal person. Kejriwal surely suffers from Grandiose Delusion. Why cant the Indians allow the government to work in such critikal matters.

May be Arvind will also need one good hammering from Narendra Modi just like that of Lauhar some day.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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