Kiran Bedi Should Be Sent To West Bengal As Governor immediately


Today on twitter we saw a post where the cavalcade of the Governor of West Bengal was stopped by the state’s police and the Governor was found asking the reasons and reprimanding the police after getting down from his cordoned vehicles. We don’t know what happened later on but we are piqued by the audacity of the state government’s attitude towards law and order in the state and complete breakdown of state machinery to the TMC goons and the party in power.

That reminds us of the proactive former Governor of Puducherry and retd. Police commissioner of Delhi Kiran Bedi who brought the Congress led government in the state to its knees some time back. She was so active that many of the people went to the governor’s office for redressal of their problems and issues. She made sure that the state government and officers follow rules and transparency in implementing law and order.

While Narayanasamy former CM of Puducherry repeatedly accused her of running a parallel administration by giving direct orders to officials, Kiran Bedi claimed that the LG of a UT had more powers than state governors.

As Lt Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi’s mission was to keep the Congress government under V. Narayanasamy under constant vigil and check. And she surely did that in no uncertain terms. But in her over-enthusiasm, the retired IPS officer would often cross the line embarrassing the Centre. But that was proactiveness that is required in West Bengal too.

We are of the opinion that Kiran Bedi can be a formidable choice to be governor of West Bengal and keep Mamata Banerjee and TMC under check.

Asheesh Shah

Author: Samanvaya

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