Special Blog: : Come on Modi ji, India has full faith in your Nishta and competence This was long overdue ! Attack is the best defense..Be open and transparent and hold the bull by its horns


We are delighted today after watching the hon’b;le Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi ji speak live on National media at 5 PM. It was really an overwhelming moment of joy to see and watch the PM on the national media. and there are multiple reasons for it and not just to see the lion coming out of his den and roaring back at his detractors.

For one, if the PM looks weak or tired the media, lobbyists, opposition and every Tom and Harry have a field day to push and propagate theories of their own and try to destabilize the nation and the government and yes the PM. This is their modus operandi, else how they will earn and live. So let us not blame them but look inward.

Second when the PM comes up with information there is no other place to look beyond and is taken as the last word. Therefore now we know that the state government played the double role and the central government offered to coordinate only after the usual blame game. This should have come earlier so that there was no confusion, CMs like Kejriwal who is in our opinion the most useless political animal the country has , besides the Udhav thackeray who and others who did much mud slinging and layed full politics on the vaccination issue.

Third and very important fact was that PM Modi announced a grand scheme to provide free ration for around 80 crore people. Also it will be providing free vaccines to adults. We would suggest to the government to publish today’s speech in all national and vernacular newsprints across the country so that the citizens of the country know the actual situation. The free ration scheme should also come in all newspapers. This is important and we would like to request the Pm and his team to not ignore such things and must learn from the Kejriwals of the nation.

It was also good to see the PM speak Sanskrit shlokas which I am sure would weaken all the critsizers and all those who are expert in hitting from the back or to use a popular hindi proverb must lead to छाती पर साँप लोटना .


Attack is the best defence and speaking directly to the citizens clears all ambiguity and doubts from the minds of people. The PM did well to speak and address the nation. The media and opposition has laid the trap very successfully
and were expecting the PM to sulk by the day.

The PM must now take the farmers protest issue and hold the bulls by the horns. To get a thumping 303 is no joke and the PM enjoys the support of the citizens like no one else. Yesterday while coming from Jaipur we saw the chaos on the road and how these so called farmers are making a joke of the country and its governance. We wonder why the government does not use its powers and kicks these protestors and clears the road. No one should be allowed to play with the nation.

We would also like to request the government to take politicians like Kejriwal and Mamata Barnjee by head on and expose their tricks and games to one and all. The central government is bearing the brunt for no good reasons. The silence of the government, especially the PM, was hurting and damaging . Therefore the PM must not allow such things to be repeated and make all around attacks and work in the best interest of the nation. When the people are with you why should one worry about anything. Come on Modi ji, India has full faith in your abilities, Nishta and competence.

We have along way to go together and this is just the starting !

Dr. Asheesh Shah

Author: Samanvaya

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